Refund & Cancellation Policy

When clients want to cancel any service or seek a refund for any purchases already made from Solar Empire, there are certain guidelines that must be followed which form acceptable business practice to Solar Empire.

While we understand that customers may change their decisions about such things as hotel reservations, move dates for their meetings and events or cancel them altogether, change their excursion and tourism plans or any other purchases they may have earlier made on the Solar Empire website, we wish to clearly state that compensation will be paid by customers for the products returned and for services already rendered before the cancellation of such services was made.

Compensation will be determined by the level of involvement and the expenses already incurred by Solar Empire during delivering the services that the customers initially paid for. Therefore, the compensation demanded will vary from time to time depending on how far into the contract Solar Empire has gone in meeting the needs of such customers.

We also wish to state that any refunds will be made only through the same channels through which payment was made for the products or services rendered. Therefore, Solar Empire will not be held liable for any delays or inconveniences suffered due to the process involved in refunding such monies to the customers demanding them. We unequivocally state that online payments shall not receive cash refunds in the event of a cancellation. If payment was made in cash, cash will be refunded. If payment was made through online payment gateway providers, refunds will be made through these same online pathways.