The Smash Room Dubai

The Smash Room Dubai

Dubai first “Smash Room”, where you can smash out all of your stress and frustrations. It’s basically a rebel’s version of a day spa.

We’ve all just wanted to smash something, right? It’s a break from the everyday, an outlet to unleash our pent-up frustrations, a way to place what’s stressing us out into a lifeless object, and then smash those stressors to bits. It’s hard to explain other than it just feels so darn good!.

Instead of slamming your phone against the ground or punching a hole in the wall or flipping a table, you can come to the Smash Room and shatter, break, stomp, tear, yell, and embrace an animalistic release you can only find here, a therapy that doesn’t involve reflection, a meditation that doesn’t involve soul searching.


Smash Options

The Quickie

  • 8 Small Items
  • 2 Medium Items
  • 1 Large Item

Smash & Dash

  • 12 Small Items
  • 5 Medium Items
  • 2 Large Item
  • 1 Electornic


  • 15 Small Items
  • 8 Medium Items
  • 4 Large Item
  • 2 Electornic


  • 20 Small Items
  • 10 Medium Items
  • 6 Large IteM


For more information

  • Phone : +971 4 238 4799